Three times today, I was busy doing something and something of Al’s appeared. First his army reunion newsletter, then a card that somehow had ended up in my hands to him from my mother and then an email that Dennis had printed out for us to see. I decided that Al was trying to tell me something and so I sat at my computer and it all began coming together.

There was a picture in with his Army Newsletter and as soon as I saw it I had to smile at the look on his face. That’s the picture I have above. I know that’s how he arrived in heaven….with a little smile on his face, hands in his pockets quietly taking everything in. I could just see his mind soaking everything in like a sponge, just as it did in life, so it continues in death. I could see him standing there as Jesus welcomed him with open arms, the angels singing in the background. How beautiful that must have been for him. I’m quite sure that Wendy was one of those angels singing his welcome. I know a lot of his family as well as friends were right there to greet him but Wendy was his special angel and I have no doubt in my mind that she greeted him with a very special hymn.

I’m smiling as I think of him so at peace with no pain…no neuropathy…no physical problems of any kind. Imagine him walking about without a care in the world…actually walking once again. He can see perfectly and hear everything and everyone with no problem at all.

Oh, yes…I can see him up there teaching….teaching about everything and anything. Swarms of people flock around him as he tells them about what makes anything tick. Yes…I’m sure they like to keep busy up there but the big difference is that they can move in and out of wherever they want to be at any given moment. They don’t get tired…or bored….or sick….life is beautiful there in paradise and I think that’s what he was trying to tell me today. He just wanted to let me know how happy and at peace he is.

When I sat down here, I had no idea what I was going to write or what kind of a web page I was going to make but I knew that I would have no problem once I got started and sure enough, that's exactly what happened.

Well, now I’d like to add the little stories that were in that email. I hope you don’t mind but I just wanted to share them and put them in a place where I wouldn’t lose them and for me, that place is the internet. (If I have any of this wrong, or if you'd like to add anything to it, just let me know and I'll be happy to work on it.)

It started out with this from Mylene:

…I remember when we would visit Grammy and Grampa....or when they would come to visit us.... We would put our coins in his shirt pocket and then we went off to play….because the money wouldn’t GROW if we watched….money WOULD grow and we would walk out richer!!! *smiles*
Not until I was much older did I realize it was so the adults could visit without kids bothering them…hee hee…Chris said I should try it with the day care…*smiles*
Smart Uncle…he will be missed -

And then from Cuzzin Ricky:

I remember those days that Mylene talked about…the money in his hand. When I went to Grampa and Gram’s house and Uncle was there, I KNEW I would come home richer!!

As a kid, I used to sit with him and he would tell me all about the motors he was working on. He had such passion for his job. He used to tell me how he would save the material and sell it for scrap. He would fascinate me with his stories and wisdom on money. The money in the hand, now that I look back, was an exercise in making money! Like in business, you had to make a choice about which path you want to take. Are you willing to see if that road will make you richer?

And another story Ricky shared:

I remember being at Uncle Sonny’s house for a family reunion. I would say I was 12 or so. (That was 38 years ago for those trying to do the math. *smiles*) All of the aunts and uncles were sitting in the living room and Uncle Al was talking about the future of money. I sat and listened to every word he said. He talked about how someday we won’t be carrying around cash. We would have this plastic card....not a credit card. It would even be used for our kids’ allowance! They would have their OWN card. We would use this card at the store, the gas station and anywhere we bought anything. He was talking about ATM/DEBIT cards! AMAZING!

And then Mylene added:

Ricky – I remember those stories…they always seemed to ‘scare’ me of the future. He had a great insight…WOW…I can’t believe I remember hearing him talking money all the time…and yes…his motors. But it was only in eavesdropping….sshhhh

Now from me:

He was so generous, always willing to help anybody out. I'm sure he knew he'd never get the money back but if someone was in need, he was right there for them. He was a good man.

I remember all of those stories well. He talked about everything and anything to anyone who would dare to listen. Some things nobody wanted to hear about and some that we were just fascinated by. And yes….many of his so called “off the wall” ideas, his “predictions”….his foresight into the future….surprisingly weren’t quite as “off the wall” as we thought they were! I think he was a man born before his time but we were fortunate enough to have him in our lives.

We all miss him very much but knowing that he is in a far better place brings a great deal of comfort to our hearts. Knowing that one day we will all meet again in grand reunion is a happy thought indeed.

God bless you Al….Dad….Grampa… and thank you for gracing our lives with your kind heart and endless knowledge. You meant the world to all of us.

Love Always,
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