This is Waterville Valley, where Norman and I went with our friends for a few days in July. It was beautiful there and the weather cooperated very nicely.
Of course, I love flowers, so take pictures of them everywhere I go! This was typical of our walks.
I was lucky enough to spot these beautiful white roses, while we were out walking one day, too!
Here's the ski area. We went up to it one day to see the damage that a lightening storm had done two weeks before we got there.
What a lot of damage an electrical storm can do!
Here we are in the midst of the ruins. Fire ravaged through this whole building. It's amazing how much damage this storm caused! We spoke to the man who built the first ski lift. I told him now that he's experienced, he can build an even better one this time! LOL
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Isn't this just beautiful the way the sun filtered down through the trees and cast her golden shadow on the river?!?  It was awesome!!!
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