Edith was our Sister in Christ
A true Christian woman indeed
Always there with a kind word for all
There in our hour of need

Edith was brave and oh so strong
She balked at pity or pain
Oh precious friend, oh beautiful friend
In our hearts you will always remain

She was always there when you needed her
A blessing in every way
She brightened your life whenever she could
No matter the hour or day

A quiet woman, so filled with love
I knew she was sent straight from God
He’s taken her Home to sit by His side
Home safe and well with Our Lord

Godspeed dear Edith, until we meet again.

Written With Love and Gentle Huggs
Susan Anderson
© 8/5/10

On July 28, 2010 we lost a beautiful sister...wife...mother...grandmother and friend.

As a friend, Edith was a very private woman and you knew that if she let you into her life, it was because she truly liked you. She chose her friends wisely and very carefully thus if you were one of them, you knew it was for life. There was nothing phony about her. She never boasted and was most modest. She was down to earth and comfortable to talk to, you knew that whatever you told her wouldn’t go beyond her and she knew the same about you.

Edith loved cruises and knew that I did too. We used to talk often about us going on one together. We kidded about how she and I would stay up late and take in all the night life while our husbands retired early. I think both of our husbands were early to bed and early to rise, while we enjoyed the night life and sleeping in come morning. We talked about how they could rise early for breakfast on deck and we could join them later in the dining room. It would have been so much fun. Edith knew that I was tied down for a while but still, talking about it was fun and was something to look forward to.

We talked about the possibility of me going down to her “country home” and we speculated about how nice it would be if Tad could join us. I think all of this talk was her way of keeping my spirits up while I’ve been so tied down and it was also something for her to look forward to while she wasn’t feeling well. I knew she wasn’t really up to any of this and she knew that I really wasn’t able. That’s how friends are though. You understand what the other one is feeling even through words unspoken.

We had our back problems in common and I know she felt that I understood what she was going through, having been through so much myself. No matter what though, she remained positive and always ended her notes with a smile. She always seemed to know how to get a chuckle out of me.

We had the kind of friendship where we knew that no matter how long it had been between emails, we could pick up right where we left off. Edith loved to hear about my family and was forever commenting on my daughter Melanie’s beautiful hair. She has enough for two heads!! I could hear another little chuckle coming right through the airwaves. She was such a very special friend and will be missed tremendously.
It was Tad who first introduced me to Edith. They had been friends for a while when I met him. I think maybe we talked about cruises at one point and he told me about his friend Edith who loved to cruise. Soon he had us writing back and forth. They both loved the little sig tags that I would make or find for them and I enjoyed making or finding them equally as much.

Tad and Edith were very best friends and I could tell that they meant the world to one another. They wrote back and forth almost daily, exchanging words of encouragement…silly little jokes….innermost thoughts and feelings….they were always there for one another. She knew how sensitive, kind, thoughtful, and caring he was and loved his gentle ways. Of course, he recognized those same qualities in her. Tad always had a special prayer for Edith whenever he felt she needed one. He has always known just what to say and how to say it perfectly. He has such a big heart and Edith and I were fortunate enough to have him in our lives. I only wish that they were able to meet before she went Home but I know that they will finally meet in the sweet by and by. What a joyous meeting that will be!! For now though, we know that Edith is a beautiful angel, watching over us until we meet again.

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I must add here that I didn't know Edith's family until shortly before she left us, when I started corresponding with her wonderful daughter, Lynn. It didn't take long though, to see that she has followed right in her mother's footsteps. She's loving...devoted...kind....sincere....so precious and then to learn about Lynn's daughter, Megan. My goodness....yet ANOTHER exceptional member of this beautiful family. I know Edith is watching over them, her son, and all of her family and extended family proudly grinning from ear to ear.
God bless you dear Edith, as you rest peacefully in heaven, free from pain…free from suffering. How beautiful it must be to walk through His Glorious Garden; sing in His Angelic Choir; break bread at His table….how wonderful….how wonderful.