Edith Moore
May 19, 1933~July 28, 2010
Jesus Knocked

Jesus knocked on your door today
And though we’ll miss your heart so pure
Walking with Him in Paradise
Is what you needed more

You’re free of all the pain you had
Your body is at rest
You lived your life so graciously
You’ve passed that final test

Walking with the angels
Talking with Our Lord
Resting in His Garden
Absorbing every word

A vision of splendor and beauty
The sounds of Heaven above
Knowing that you are truly Home
Fills our hearts with love

We love you and miss you dear Edith
But there's one thing we all know
Where you've gone is better
It was time for you to go

Until We Meet Again
We Love You

Susan Anderson
© 2010

D.A. with his brother & sister-in-law
Dennis, Sara & D.A.
Megan with family
Lynn with family
Megan on right
And so we bid you a fond farewell dear Edith, until we meet again in Paradise and walk heaven's gardens with you.
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."  ~From a headstone in Ireland
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